Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One week of puppy love! Day by day...

Here is our new litter of puppies, born 8/28/2011. See how much they change and grow day by day.

This guy is the biggest of the bunch. He weighed 8 ounces at birth. And just keeps growing!
Sleepy maleDay 3.

I love the way they seek each other out and snuggle.
Just before I snapped this, the boy had his arm around the girl. Swoon!
Puppies snuggling, Day 4.

Something about the quality of light in this photo captures the heaven-sent aura that surrounds them. 
The puppies went to the vet today for their dew claw removal and received a clean bill of health!
Puppies snuggling,  Day 5. They totally love each other!

This is the happiest I've seen Thatcher since we got her. Naturally affectionate, she has really become enamored with her puppies.
Thatcher is a beautiful mother! Day 6.

Curled up in an empty dish that is just the right size for the two of them. How fitting that our male and female formed their own living yin/yang symbol.
Yin/Yang Day 7.

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