Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just a quick post to resurrect this blog.

I was just looking at my mom's blog ( ) and came across her post about our beautiful dog Sawyer. I will never forget the moment when I noticed he wasn't moving and picked him up only to find him completely unresponsive. I haven't felt that awful in I don't know how long. Anyhow, I was reading my mom's post about it and just reading through her recap brought me to tears. Sawyer's totally okay now, I know that, but it still brings back those intense feelings of fear of losing one of my best friends. Sawyer truly has been that to me. He is really the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Always obedient, always loyal, always happy. Seriously though, he is smiling all the time. A big smile.
I love this dog with all my heart and soul. Really, the perfect dog. I'm sure everyone says that about their dog but this one is the truest of all of them. I'm beyond grateful for this wonderful dog.

Not to mention, he (and his wifey) make the cutest puppies on earth.

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